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Blue Wave


This day started out like any other, helping around the house, playing with friends and even getting into a little bit of trouble, but at around 4 pm this day in 1967, a legacy began…


Roger Parks, your average 13-year-old saw his dad coming home from work and noticed he was carrying the materials he had been waiting for! Finally, his childhood dream was becoming a reality, a small wooden fishing boat made with his own two hands.


Ever since he could remember, he wanted to build boats, just like his dad. In this small town in Arkansas, the local boat plant was just about the only livelihood. In fact, it was quite a shock on a day when at age 10 or so, Roger realized that there were people that did not make their living building boats. That was fine for them, but not for Roger! With those final pieces of scrap materials, enthusiasm and determination, Roger’s career as a boat builder and the foundation for Blue Wave Boats had begun.



Throughout the years Blue Wave has continued to evolve its product offerings and improve its design abilities while maintaining its core principals. From the original Classic and Super Tunnel design to the most recent award winning Pure Bay Fully Liner designs, they continue to surpass customer expectations and stay ahead of the pack. In 2006 Parks Mfg Inc. relocated its operations to a brand new state of the art 165,000 sq ft facility in Seminole, OK so that they could expand their BW offerings and diversify. As the family grew and Pam and Roger went from being just Mom and Dad to Grandma and Grandpa, in 2010 the family saw a unique diversification opportunity to expand from the long heritage of Saltwater Bay boat to also include Silver Wave Pontoons. Since launching this division they have continued to bring awesome new features and designs to this market as well. As Richard and Steven continue the traditions and principles set forth from their childhoods, we will continue to see new and innovative products coming to the market.





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